Upcoming Fixtures

Tonna RFC @TonnaRFC
17/05/2021 15:08:27
Thanks to Club Chairman Gary Knight for getting the Bar and Pool Room ready for the return of players, members and…


Tonna RFC @TonnaRFC
15/05/2021 21:37:23
Thanks to members and guests for their fantastic support today. Apologies for running out of Moretti and Amstel - i…


Tonna RFC @TonnaRFC
13/05/2021 21:55:36
Clubhouse/Marquee opening hours for the coming week Friday 5pm, Saturday 2pm, Sunday 2pm, Monday/Tuesday - closed,…


Tonna RFC @TonnaRFC
09/05/2021 16:14:01
Mental Health Awareness Week begins Monday 10th May, and here at Tonna RFC we are committed to promoting the ‘7 ste…